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 ICONIC PVP ARMOR + STATS, ICONIC PVE armor with a bit of info

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PostSubject: ICONIC PVP ARMOR + STATS, ICONIC PVE armor with a bit of info   Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:04 pm

The post 30 world is HUGE. a lot bigger than everything else. The reason the lvl cap is 30 is because DCUO wants to limit you to 15 power points. they dont want to overpowered you so u can grab every power and every iconic power and just be superman strong, batman smart, wonder woman sexy, with flash speed..etc

here is a list of Iconic PVP armor, stats


Iconic PVP armour is purchased with influence points. These are awarded upon completion of PVP Arenas and Legends matches but only when you are level 30 and upon winning the Ring War pvp event in Metropolis or diamond heist in gotham (this may have a level restriction). 2 marks & 50+ influence are received for a win and 1 mark 25+ influence for a loss in the arenas.

The 3 tier 1 pvp suits (purchased with influence)


Magic: Captain Marvel (Aegis of Eternity)

Meta: Hawkman (Nth-Metal Battlesuit)

Tech: Robin (Raptor Infiltrator)

Tier 2 pvp suit (purchased with marks of conquest: blue fist)

Hall of heroes: Brainiac set (stats coming soon, but similar to tier 1 stuff but better stats)


Each suit has 4 stat variations, 3 are restricted by your Powers and the 4th is a damage set that anyone of a particular origin can wear. All the variations share the same defence and toughness numbers, the other stats have slight variations. The controller variant has Vitalisation and Dominance included and the healer variant has Restoration. The total stats for the 4 variations is as follows:

--All Sets--

Defence: 626

Toughness: 1630

--Controller Set--

Health: 844

Power: 84

Precision: 42

Might: 85

Vitalisation: 95

Dominance: 41

--Healer Set--

Health: 854

Power: 211

Precision: 42

Might: 85

Restoration: 119

--Tank Set--

Health: 854

Power: 253

Precision: 62

Might: 139

--DPS Set--

Health: 730

Power: 84

Precision: 83

Might: 253

Other PVP Equipment:

The level 30 blue items are available from the vendors in your HQ, the watchtower vendors are near Hawkman in the reactor core. This can be purchased with ingame gold.

The level 30 purple items are available from the ring war vendor and include the non iconic level 30 chest piece (which is a cool looking gunman's duster and is the same cost and has the same stats as the iconic chest piece) and level 30 role specific purple pvp weapons. The ring war is a pvp event that occurs every 30 minutes in downtown metropolis near the LexCorp building, the vendor appears for the winning team and remains at the location until 5 minutes befor ethe next ring war starts.

the PVE suits are as follows

You can buy 3 diff non iconic styles from the vendors in each wing. they cost 1 mark of triump (per peice) and some ingame gold.

the iconics can come in 3 diff styles.

Tier 1 - buy with marks of truimph + ingame gold
--Steel MK-1 Suit-- Tech wing (my personal favorite)
--Flash tron suit-- meta wing
--dr fate suit-- magic wing

tier 2 - buy with marks of distinction + ingame gold
--crazy robot batsuit-- tech wing
--cyborg superman suit-- meta wing
--horus suit--- magic wing

tier 3 raid gear protype battle suits -- buy with marks of krypton
these are all located in the meta wing. theres 4 diff styles for each class. healer, dps, tank, controller.

--keep puffing,
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ICONIC PVP ARMOR + STATS, ICONIC PVE armor with a bit of info
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