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 HARD LIGHT (green/yellow lantern powers) and my dps based build

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PostSubject: HARD LIGHT (green/yellow lantern powers) and my dps based build   Tue Nov 29, 2011 12:50 pm

Hey guys,

If any of you guys are thinking about going legendary or purchasing the DLC Fight for the Light, it is an extremely usefull powerset and very fun to play.

The hardlight power set is a Melee based powerset which cranks out LARGE amounts of damage, crowd control, very cool visuals, and a fun but extremely challenging gameplay. DLC - $9.99, or $15/Mo for legendary status.

Leveling from 1-30 ull be very strong in PVP combat (against people your level). Most of your attacks create a stun and the hard light powerset features something no other powerset yet has - a combo system. Basically you will be able to use construct which will do might damage (yellow numbers - magic damage) and then it will combo into another construct which will produce precision damage (white numbers - physical damage). I recommend during this phase going DPS for fast leveling thru solo missions but feel free to try out everything because resets or basically free.

Post lvl 30. My build is pretty hybrid, can crank out LOTS of damage in both controller and dps role. In a group lacking a controller, ill do it although i do prefer to DPS. However hardlight controllers are EXTREMELY potent and offeres a more challenging gameplay compared to gagets and mental controllers.

ATM my build (and conqs) as well is based of a simple construct combo called the Infinte combo. Basically we can start with 1 power and combo into different constructs creating ain infinite loop WITHOUT SPENDING MANA.

it starts with Light claws x4 -> Drill --> whip thrash x2 ---> hand clap x3 -----> chainsaw x5 --> drill - whip thrash -- handclap....and so on.

because everything after ur first set of light claws dont waste mana, they all do physical damage also known in DCUO as precision damage (white numbers pop up to display the damage). both precision and power damage can be countered with high toughness (which than can be countered with toughness ignore weapons).

as for controlling, i enjoy this aspect more than just random DPS. when in controller mode, your skills will have an extra effect and debuff. the responsiblity is bigger. when doing alerts you (as a controller) must remember a few things:

Manage your mana: hardlight powerset can crank out lots of damage without wasting too much mana

Manage your teams mana: light claws regen your teams mana over time as well as debuff mobs using panic or fear debuff.

Debuff: hardlight debuffs are extremely potent. the AOE "light weight" cranks out a lot of might damage (yellow numbers) as well as put a damage output debuff on everything it hits. basically your character will contruct a 10ton weight, swing it around doing damage and debuffing and then u have the option to chuck it at your targeted victim to debuff and damage them. u can use this as a ranged debuff if u cant get close to a boss, instead of spinning it, chuck it right away.

whipthrash is also a debuff as it reduces the amount of defense players and mobs have and also can AOE stun. before using whipthrash, make sure you use the precision debuff because u need to get within mele range to use whips.

these are the few things that are most important. there are other important features to being a controller, such as:

Burst Mana supply to teammates. Sheilding all teammates. heal debuff currently with my PVP DPS build, i didnt spec into these powers HOWEVER i can anytime and will soon as we have more strong DPS in the guild.

hardlight presents a more fun and active oppertunity as a controller and a really strong melee dps. because my skills are melee i use a BOW as my weapon. bow is really good dps, and block breaking not to mention is ranged so it helps me out a lot during both PVE and PVP.

if you guys have any question of my build or other hardlight builds, pm ingame, vent, on the forums, which ever deems best for you. ill be happy to answer any questions.

-keep puffing,
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HARD LIGHT (green/yellow lantern powers) and my dps based build
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