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 PVP Basics for DCUO >>IMPORTANT<< for all

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PostSubject: PVP Basics for DCUO >>IMPORTANT<< for all   Tue Nov 29, 2011 12:03 pm

Hey guys, iv been playing DCUO since it went free to play so im just gonna update you guys on some of the things i discovered. a few things here has been copied n pasted ffrom DCUO forums so might have read this alredy but bear with me, the information is invaluable.


Light attacks- Any tap click (left mouse button or right mouse button) is a light attack, these moves deal chip damage(very small amounts of damage) to blocking opponents and have no special properties.

Heavy attacks- Any hold attack (left mouse button or right mouse button) is a heavy attack, these moves DON'T deal chip damage and have special properties explained below. (Note: very few heavy attacks requires a tap, read skill description)

Heavy attack Properties: You can view an attacks property in the weapon skill tab

Interrupt: Interrupts are attacks that stun opponents doing a block breaker, if an interrupt is blocked you will be knocked down and take extra damage. (Lunge attack is one of the most popular interrupts by holding down left mouse)(combos with heavy attacks also interrupt) 95% of all interrupts are melee based minus a couple like rifles lunge

Block breaker: Block breakers are attacks that stun opponents holding down guard, if interrupted while doing a block breaker you will be stunned. 95% of all block breakers are ranged based minus a couple like handblasters tap right mouse tap, left mouse

This is the most important section because it explains what counters what, and when to use a different attack and when not to.

If your opponent is rolling >> interrupt them with a lunge interrupt (hold down first click) this will stun them and deal damage

if your opponent is blocking>>> Block breaker them and they will become stunned and take damage

if your opponent is interrupting (combo,lunging)>>> hold block and they will get knocked down and take additional damage

if your opponent is using a block breaker >>> interrupt with a combo or lunge attack and they will get stunned or you can dodge it by rolling

Weapon Strategies:

Certain weapons rely heavily on interrupting while others rely heavily on block breaking heres a list and their counters.

Interrupt heavy weapons -> 2hander, 1hander, martial arts, dual wield, staff, brawling

to counter heavy interrupt weapons its best to use block on them because their block breaker is usually slow or does little damage.

Block breaker heavy weapons -> handblaster, duel pistol, rifle, bow

to counter heavy block breaker weapons its best to lunge/interrupt them because their interrupts are usually slow/ineffective or have too many light attacks before their heavy.

Power/role sets:

each power in their utility role (controller, tank, healer) does extra damage and takes extra damage against other roles. Here is the counter list so you know which class to attack in pvp.

Controller/dps does extra damage to healers (controllers also have a heal debuff skill)

Healers does extra damage to tanks

Tanks does extra damage to controllers/dps

I hope you guys stuck thru reading this because this is EXTREMELY important when it comes to pvp. if you guys have any questions, plz whisper me in game, contact me via forums or offcourse vent.

-Keep Puffing,

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PVP Basics for DCUO >>IMPORTANT<< for all
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